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space filler...

2009-09-02 14:52:14 by Anothersneakyninja

Welcome to my page. Yeah...

That's it, I guess.

Click some links, leave some comments.

Hell, send me a message, shake things up alittle.

space filler...

So, I have finally put something on NG, unfortunately its not a flash anything. Nothing special, but it's still my first, and it feels pretty good.

back from Japan: a more serious version

2009-06-26 22:39:03 by Anothersneakyninja

hey I'm back, and having had a full night's sleep, I am ready to recount the awesome stuff that happened over there.

what occured in Japan during my trip includes but is not limited to:
1. learning about old things
2. purchasing of outdated instruments of warfare
3. sighting a giant robot in tokoyo bay
4. becoming a casualty in a battle between Guile and M. Bison that broke out in an arcade
5. having my shorts stolen (american clothes are worth alot in Japan i guess)
6. succeeding in flirting with Japanese women (hehe.. alright)
7. encountering more than three people dressed like Bleach characters without being at an anime convention
8. finding out that the "live long and prosper" sign is actually impressive to Japanese youth
9. playing a Japanese RTS, not understanding the language the game is in, and still kicking ass on a large scale
10. and spotting a monkey and living to tell about it was a great trip.

back from Japan: a more serious version

back with avengence!

2009-06-26 03:40:38 by Anothersneakyninja

back from Japan!

I have climbed the highest mountains, stormed the largest cities, and now I have returned more powerful than you could ever imagine!

(plus i got a beard, whoot)

back with avengence!

Going to Japan...

2009-05-29 14:11:19 by Anothersneakyninja

well, the subject kind of explains it all.

So won't be on much while over there, so later all, see you in a few weeks!

Going to Japan...

yeah, thought this would be for NG huh? well sadly its not, I have no flash skills :(
how ever my first submission to Deviantart is up and im feeling pretty good about it.
its only a ref page for a character, but that took hours to make and probably has more effort put into it than some of the stuff on NG (you know who you are).

and thats it, use that link at my page to go see for yourself, hate it, love it
thats up to you

umm, hello...

2009-05-15 14:35:23 by Anothersneakyninja

My names Robert, and this is my first post on NG (cheering in backgroup). While I'm not a flash animator, I frequently visit NG and thought it was about time I make a profile here. I have a page at deviantArt, but it's ... a little blank at the moment. but I'll do what I can to change that.

so...umm...I guess that's it for now.

here's a picture that is not mine. respect the psyco Gundam!

umm, hello...